Our Story

Red Dessert Dive is a funky, fun, eclectic bakery in the heart of Houston’s historic Heights neighborhood. We are thrilled to be a part of the Heights where neighborhood buddies and visitors alike sit and enjoy a piping hot coffee paired with a decadent salted caramel brownie while the Rolling Stones rock out in the back ground.

From the Owner

Red is an actual dream come true. I literally eat desserts for a living! I won’t disguise the fact that there is actual blood, sweat, and tears that occur when chasing your passion but, there’s nothing like making your dream a reality; I highly recommend it.

Once I decided to make Red happen, I traveled the world to perform totally pertinent “sugar research”.  I learned that:

You must bake fresh daily, You must use the highest quality ingredients (and freshest fruit) available and, that a made-from-scratch dessert is best when paired with a perfectly poured latte, craft beer, or Pinot Noir.

Why the Name?

My Mammaw was a fiery red-head whom my Pappaw lovingly referred to as Red. I decided to honor her in the naming of this business because she made desserts like nobody I know, and I ate them like nobody I know!

Red is filled with goodness, fun, love, and lots of passion. This little shop is made possible with my loving family and kickass staff.